ARMv8 Debian and Ubuntu bootstrap repositories

The repositories here contain sources and binaries for the arm64 bootstrap in Debian (unstable) and Ubuntu (raring). There are both toolchain and tools packages for amd64 build machines and arm64 binaries built with them. And corresponding sources.

Note that the Ubuntu raring packages have been superceded by the proper Saucy and Testy arm64 port in Launchpad.

The packages have been built using multiarch methods.

Most of the work is being done in the Unstable repo right now.

There are also armhf packages here used as controls for whether the arm64 M-A cross-build is expected to work.

Status of the ports is maintained here:

Using the repositories

Add these lines to use the sources and binaries here.

This is the native-built set of packages:

deb debianstrap main
deb-src debianstrap main

This is the cross-built set of packages:

deb debian-bootstrap main
deb-src debian-bootstrap main

deb raring-bootstrap main universe
deb-src quantal-bootstrap main universe

You will need this key to have the archive authenticated: bootstrap-archive-key

The packages in these repos are not always newer than the ones in the main distro - to ensure they are preferentially used add the file /etc/apt/preferences.d/bootstrap

Package: *
Pin: release n=debianstrap
Pin-Priority: 1001

in your build chroot.