This page contains my (personal) tips and tricks for mentees so that they get the upload of their packages into the Debian archive sponsored by me.

If you’re interested in having me as sponsor for some of your packages, I’d be happy if you would have a look at this page and try to follow these requirements, recommendations and suggestions.


Contact me on IRC (XTaran on OFTC, Freenode, (German) IRCNet, LUGS IRC Network, Chaostreff.ch IRC Network, …), by e-mail (abe@debian.org) or in real life.

Information nice to know before reviewing the package

The Debian Version

Packages uploaded to Debian should have successive Debian versions. Especially packages containing new upstream versions should end in either a -1 or lower (e.g. for NMUs or upload to experimental).

Automated Checks

Common Checks

Non-Native Only Checks

Things I Care About

… and you should, too. ;-)

Non-Native Only Things

Nice to Have

Packages Not Yet in Debian

Don’t be shy

(Applies if I already agreed to sponsor your packages.)

Providing the source package to me

Personal Preferences

This is a list of things which I prefer, so I tend to sponsor a package more likely if fits into these preferences.



Thanks to Paul Tagliamonte for inspiring this document with his Sponsoring Guildines and Mattia Rizzolo for further suggestions.

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