Dmitry Borodaenko's Personal Hacks Collection

Mutt/Vim/xterm integration and tuning, Xresources.white: Black and white background color schemes and other settings for xterm, colors.angdraug.white: Rich color schemes for Mutt, also black and white background
generate-mailboxes-list: source `~/.mutt/generate-mailboxes-list` to auto-poll your inboxes
mail-mutt.vim: Set xterm title, auto-format quotation prefixes, sync up color scheme with Mutt
mail.vim.angdraug-quote.diff: Small fix to highlight quotations with letters (including non-latin) before '>'
karev-font-20040716.tar.gz: Fixed Unicode 8x16 font including ASCII, line-drawing, Latin-1, Latin Extended-A, and Cyrillic (Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian) symbols

debian-packaging-2012.pdf (source git): Debian Packaging, a presentation in Russian (April 2012, SaM Solutions, Minsk)