pmccabe McCabe-style function complexity and line counting for C and C++

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The current version of pmccabe is 2.6.

Templates are the biggest current weakness. If you have some small code samples which use templates which you would be willing to share, I'd appreciate it - bame (at) debian (dot) org.

1 Aug 2017
Oops, no uploads because I need to sort my developer GPG key.

In the meantime here is a simple tarball of 2.7

People have contributed fixes beyond what is in 2.7 which I hope to merge and release.

12 July 2013
Uploading version 2.7 to Debian unstable (see changelog).

Updated this web site and moved it to

The mailing list is in transition.

Some of the Ubuntu-reported bugs were fixed in 2.6 but are still showing as open.

5 Aug 2010
Fixed a namespace-related bug and a script bug thanks to Ubuntu/matt_hargett -- uploaded 2.6 to Debian unstable

30 Jul 2008
Minor changes -- uploaded 2.5 to Debian unstable

14 Aug 2007
Added namespace support -- uploaded 2.4 to unstable

26 Nov 2003
pmccabe 2.3-1 Debian package (for sarge/unstable) created. Red Hat version is pmccabe-2.3-2.i386.rpm, created with alien(1), get it (or a version for Debian woody aka 3.0) here.

This version solves a problem for C users with identifiers named "class".

12 Mar 2003
pmccabe 2.2-3 Debian package (for sarge/unstable) uploaded. Red Hat version is pmccabe-2.2-4.i386.rpm, created with alien(1), get it (or a version for Debian woody aka 3.0) here.

12 Feb 2003
First external web pages prototype

Jan 2002
Announced intent to package for Debian.

Dec 2002
Hewlett-Packard agrees to release pmccabe

July 1998
Port to win32

May 1993
Get rid of Unixy multi-process architecture so it'll work on DOS.

July 1992
pmccabe begins as a personal project within HP.