Debian Squeeze on Acer Aspire One 522 AO522-C6Dkk

On 2012-03-31 I bought the netbook Acer Aspire One 522 AO522-C6Dkk (LU.SES0D.322). I paid 299,35 euro at Makro Machelen.

I followed the instructions for installing Windows 7 Starter. Then I used Windows to resize the C: drive. The result is that the C: drive became 144,04 GB, and that I got 140,95 GB free space.

I put the Debian network installer on my USB stick using the following steps, using my old laptop :

Next, I modified the boot order in the bios. I powered up the netbook, and quickly pressed F2 to enter the bios. There I set the boot order to the following : USB FDD, USB HDD, Network Boot, HDD0, ATAPI CDROM, USB CDROM. Putting "Network Boot" before "HDD0" is to work around a problem with freezing.

Then I used the USB stick to install Debian on the netbook. I followed these steps :

At this point, Debian Squeeze was installed on the netbook. However, a few problems were still to be solved. I followed the these steps :

2012-04-09 Bart Martens