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Different small things


Configuring xlock a default logout button can be a nice thing. One also can configure the default modes when just typing xlock. (Can be nice with instable xservers crashing with some modes). Just place a /etc/X11/Xresources/XLock with something like:

! number of minutes to logout button, -1 disables:
XLock*logoutButton: 15
! list of modes to take from when using random mode:
XLock*modelist: roll
! mode to take when nothing given:
XLock*mode: roll


Something every environment has its own preference, is the question whether dvips should directly print or create a .ps-file. While I've heard about labs every one complaining, if they had to enter an extra lpr-command, in my area everyone is complaining if it prints directly. That's just the o |lpr line in /etc//texmf/dvips/ causing so much screams or wasted paper.


When local harddisks are to loud, noflushd ( is said to help.