G++ Transition Status

I set this page up based on code written by Matthew Wilcox for the g++-3.2 transition. There are still a few remnants of the transition 2.95 to 3.2/3.3, so I still list them here. Mainly this page is about the transition from g++-3.3 to g++ 4.0. As of 14 March 2007 there are 0 (1 source packages) left compiled with g++-2.95 and 7 (7 source packages) left compiled with g++-3.2/3.3. This listing is only for i386; other architectures will vary somewhat.

Packages already compiled with g++ 3.4/4.0: 2468 (1591 source packages)

How're we doing historically? Thanks to Jerome Lacoste, we have a fancy graph, as well as the log since this script started running. There is also a graph of the last two weeks available.

Things I used to create this listing: