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launchtool is a tool that runs a user-supplied command and can supervise its execution in many ways, such as controlling its environment, blocking signals, logging its output, changing user and group permissions, limiting resource usage, restarting it if it fails, running it continuously and turn it into a daemon.

launchtool is fully configurable, both through the commandline and using configuration files. Configuration files can be made executable and start with "#!/usr/bin/launchtool -C", to create daemons using simpler commands.

You can have a read at launchtool's manpage if you want to read some documentation before downloading.

New in version 0.7

An updated version of launchtool is available:

New in version 0.6

An updated version of launchtool is available:

New in version 0.5

New version 0.4

New version 0.3

News in version 0.2

launchtool download

launchtool is available both in a source .tar.gz and in a i386 Debian package signed by me.

Normal download

launchtool 0.7 source code
launchtool 0.7-1 debian package

Debian APT repository

Add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list to make launchtool and my other experimental packages show up in your package lists:
deb woody/$(ARCH)
deb woody/all/
deb-src woody/source/

Author and copyright

launchtool has been written by Enrico Zini.

License is GPL, and LGPL for some general purpose source modules that could as well be part of a library.

For comments, informations, suggestions, criticisms, please write me at Back to Enrico Zini Debian pages