netplugd release page

DISCONTINUED. The development of netplugd has been discontinued: please use ifplugd, which works better and is actively maintained.

netplugd is a daemon that monitors the status of one or more ethernet interfaces, calling an external script when something changes.

netplugd can monitor if the interface is up, if it's running and if the network beat link is detected, that is if a cable is plugged into the network socket and it connects to a working hub or another ethernet card.

netplugd allows the system to be configured to react to changes in local network connectivity, taking care of the detection part of the task.

You can have a read at netplugd's manpage if you want to read some documentation before downloading.

New version 0.2

An updated version of netplugd is available:

netplugd download

netplugd is available both in a source .tar.gz and in a i386 Debian package signed by me.

Normal download

netplugd 0.2 source code
netplugd 0.2-1 debian package

Debian APT repository

Add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list to make netplugd and my other experimental packages show up in your package lists:
deb local/$(ARCH)
deb local/all/
deb-src local/source/

Author and copyright

netplugd has been written by Enrico Zini, learning how to do MII link beat detection by looking at laptop-net's linkup.c program code by Chris Hanson (cph@d.o).

License is GPL, and LGPL for some general purpose source modules that could as well be part of a library.

For comments, informations, suggestions, criticisms, please write me at Back to Enrico Zini Debian pages