Layered subversion

Current version: 0.3
This is a small utility called 'laysvn', which uses multiple layers of subversion to generate one working directory.
It's still very very basic, all it does for now is an "update"
Download it here (needs python-svn)


Create two directories. One for the real svn checkouts (I called it 'storage', you can place it anywhere, and one directory for your working copy.
Inside the working copy directory, create a dir named .laysvn, in there make a new file called laysvn.xml with contents following this schema:
<config title="LaySVN test">
  <storage path="/path/to/where/your/storage/dir/is" />
  <layer id="base" source="http://subversionserver/repository/layers/base" />
  <layer id="dns" source="http://subversionserver/repository/layers/dns" />
  <layer id="apache" source="http://subversionserver/repository/layers/apache" />
  <layer id="hostname" source="http://subversionserver/repository/layers/hostname" />
Now you can run laysvn in this directory, it will checkout your layers, and then copy the files from the layers into your working dir!
To check in your changes, you have to chdir to your storage/layer directory and run 'svn ci' there. This is also where you can resolve conflicts.

Command line syntax

Just four commands, no options available currently:
Written by Erich Schubert