Debian Personal page of Francisco Manuel García Claramonte

Updated: March 2017.

Debian work

My Debian job consists mainly in develop and maintain some Debian packages, review my, and other, packages and fix bugs (or at least try it). I am very interested in keep and improve the quality of packages, and its integration in Debian systems.

I am the maintainer (or co-maintainer) of the packages:

  • LetoDMS - open source document management system based on PHP and MySQL

  • php-letodms-core - Document management system - Core files

  • php-letodms-lucene - Document management system - Fulltext search

  • Starplot - 3-dimensional perspective star map viewer

  • Stardata-common - Common framework to manage astronomy packages

  • Lynis - security auditing tool for Unix based systems

  • Gliese - stellar data set from the Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars

  • Yale - stellar data set from the Yale Bright Star Catalog

You can check my work in Debian Developer’s Package Overview

stardata-common framework

I am the main developer of stardata-common (Alioth project), this is a software to convert stardata catalogs from different formats to astronomy software formats that follows stardata-common policy.

The goal of the stardata-common framework is to provide package maintainers an infrastructure that can be used by astronomy packages and stardata catalogs in order to allow for a tighter integration between them. This allows catalogs to be removed from astronomy packages to avoid redundancy and inclusion of architecture-independent data in binary packages.

Please, If you work with some stardata catalog or viewer consider to package it according to stardata-common policy. Contact me if need more info.

My Gpg Public Key.

You can find my gpg public key in Debian Developer LDAP, or you can download it.



  • francisco at debian org

  • fgclaramonte at gmail com



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