Today, I have released the first beta for Tails 3.0, that will be the first version of Tails based on Debian 9 (Stretch).

Our automated test suite pretends it works pretty well and matches our safety expectations. I'm inclined to trust it. But as we learned after porting Tails to Squeeze, Wheezy and Jessie: quick, exploratory testing of pre-releases will not identify all the remaining regressions.

So this time I'm trying to change this narrative a bit. I have committed to provide security updates for the 3.0~ series, just like we do for stable versions of Tails. This was the only missing bit to make me feel comfortable asking my fellow Tails contributors to upgrade to Tails 3.0~beta1 for their daily usage.

I hope this helps us release a great Tails 3.0 on June 13… and a better Debian Stretch too: the more early users of Tails based on Stretch, the more chances they identify a few annoying regressions in Stretch before it's called stable :)

For details, see the official announcement.

Next step: FOSDEM. And then, back to organizing an event that aims at improving both social and technical aspects of Debian (to be announced in about a week, stay tuned); because the way we get organized and how power is distributed matter.