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// about me
\\ Some personal information
I'm working with computers since 1990. First with a C64, then a Commodore PC10, 486 and bigger. With PC's i started with DOS, Windows (noone is perfect), OS/2 and then Linux.

If you really want to contact me try my email address found on the bottom of this site. Or join IRC, channel #german in Undernet, Nick: Joerg, channel at, Nick: Ganneff.
\\ Some (more or less) important links
Debian GNU/* The Debian Project is the largest GNU/Linux-Distribution named Debian GNU/Linux and released for more then eleven Architectures (including intel x86 and IA-64, Motorola 680x0, Alpha, IBM S/390, Sun SPARC, Mips). The Project consists of more than 1000 developers creating the Distribution according to the strict policies Debian has.
There are two other ports, they are work in progress and not yet released. They are the port to Sparc64, the 64bit Sun UltraSparc Workstation Processor and the port to SH, the Hitachi SuperH Processor.
In the near future Debian will not only support the Linux Kernel but will add support for other Kernels like the HURD, the NetBSD and the FreeBSD one.
That means Debian supports eleven architectures right now with all packages and there are 5 upcoming architectures to support. Tell me only one other Distribution that is able to do this.
Packages The Debian Distribution consist of more than 10000 Packages (unstable) now. Hey, thats huge, really. On this website you can search for a specific package.
Packages I support. A real useful site with many Information about my packages.
SPI SPI is a non-profit organization which was founded to help organizations develop and distribute open hardware and software.
Im a contributing Member there.


// Work I do for Debian
First I maintain a bunch of packages, see below for list.
I also sponsor people who are not yet a Debian Developer, so they can maintain their own packages.
Then I'm working as an Application Manager for Debian to help People in the New Maintainer Queue to become a Debian Developer.


// CVS Repository for my packages
I maintain (most) of my packages using CVS (except the ones with too much symlinks, a thing that CVS doesnt handle and the packages which are hosted on You can always take a look at my CVS Tree if you want. But note that this is on my PC at home, it may not be online for 24hours. And you wont find the lg-issue* packages there. Only lg-meta and lg-base and the scripts I use. The issues are mostly static, so no need for CVS.


// Packages I maintain in the Debian Distribution
bbdb (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Stable) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) ( Homepage) The Insidious Big Brother Database (email rolodex) for Emacs
BBDB is a rolodex-like database program for GNU Emacs. BBDB stands for Insidious Big Brother Database, and is not, repeat, *not* an obscure reference to the Buck Rogers TV series.
doxymacs (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Stable) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) E-lisp package for making doxygen usage easier under Emacs.
The purpose of the doxymacs project is to create a LISP package that will make using Doxygen from within {X}Emacs easier.
ecb (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) ( Homepage) Code browser for several languages for Emacs.
ECB is source code browser for Emacs. It is a global minor-mode which displays a couple of windows that can be used to browse directories, files and methods. It supports method parsing for Java, C, C++, Elisp, etc.
elib (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) Library of commonly-used Emacs functions
Elib is designed to be for Elisp programs what libg++ is for C++ programs: a collection of useful routines which don't have to be reinvented each time a new program is written.
Elib contains code for:
  • container data structures (queues, stacks, AVL trees, etc)
  • string handling functions missing in standard emacs
  • minibuffer handling functions missing in standard emacs
  • routines for handling lists of so called cookies in a buffer.
epiphany (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) Clone of BoulderDash Game
Epiphany is a clone of BoulderDash. Boulder Dash was one of the best Games ever made on C64.
ilohamail (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Unstable) ( Homepage) Light weight yet full featured multilingual web-based IMAP/POP3 client
IlohaMail (pronounced: e-lo-ha-mail) is a light weight yet full featured multilingual webmail program that is easy to use.
Admin Features:
  • Light weight and fast
  • Extensive multilingual capabilities
  • Modular - Easily modifiable to accommodate different backends.
  • Activity Logging
  • Spam Prevention
  • Multiple host/domain support
Client Features:
  • POP3 & IMAP Support
  • Send, receive, file, delete messages
  • Create, rename, delete folders
  • Send/receive attachments
  • View images inline
  • Full featured Contacts list
  • Search messages
  • Customizable - Over 2 dozen user preferences
kimagemapeditor (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) KDE-based HTML image map editor.
KImageMapEditor is a tool for Linux/KDE that allows you to load an existing image map from an HTML file, edit it, and save the new map to a new HTML file, that includes the appropriate image tag.
It can be fully integrated with Quanta since it can generate the map to the standard output.
kxmleditor (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) XML Editor for KDE
KXML Editor is simple program, that display and edit contents of XML file. Left side contain tree with XML document structure, right side contain list of attributes for selected XML element and its contents.
All issues for the Linux Gazette (Info (Base Package)) ( Homepage) Packages for the Linux Gazette
Linux Gazette, a member of the Linux Documentation Project, is an on-line WWW publication dedicated to two simple ideas: making Linux just a little more fun and sharing ideas and discoveries.
The Linux Gazette is packaged in many different packages. They are
lg-base This contains the shared files from the Linux Gazette magazine.
lg-issueXX Each lg-issueXX package contains one of the Linux Gazette issues (except lg-issue01to08, this contains issue01 to 08).
lg-all If you want to install issues just install this meta package, it depends on all other packages.
lg-subscription If you only want the latest issue install this meta package, it depends always on the latest and conflicts with all other packages.
lg-latest-two If you want the latest two issues, this is for you. Conflicts with all, except the latest two. It depends on them.
libterm-readkey-perl (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) A perl module for simple terminal control
Term::ReadKey is a compiled perl module dedicated to providing simple control over terminal driver modes (cbreak, raw, cooked, etc.,) support for non-blocking reads, if the architecture allows, and some generalized handy functions for working with terminals. One of the main goals is to have the functions as portable as possible, so you can just plug in "use Term::ReadKey" on any architecture and have a good likelyhood of it working.
libterm-readline-gnu-perl (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library
This is an implementation of a Perl interface to the GNU Readline Library. This module gives you input line editing, input history management, word completion, and other similar facilities. This module gives you access to almost all variables and functions documented in the GNU ReadLine/History Library. This means you can write your custom editing function, your custom completion function, and so on with Perl. You may find it useful for prototyping before programming with C.
libterm-readline-perl-perl (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) ( Homepage) Perl implementation of Readline libraries
This is a quick implementation of the minimal interface to Readline libraries. The implementation is made in Perl (mostly) by Jeffrey Friedl. The only thing this library does is to make it conformant (and add some minimal changes, like using Term::ReadKey if present, and correct work under xterm).
mailfilter (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) A program that filters your incoming e-mail to help remove spam.
Mailfilter is very flexible utility for UNIX (-like) operating systems to get rid of unwanted e-mail messages, before having to go through the trouble of downloading them to the local computer. It offers support for one or many POP3 accounts and is especially useful for dialup connections via modem, ISDN, etc. Install Mailfilter if you'd like to remove spam from your POP3 mail accounts.
With Mailfilter you can define your own filters (rules) to determine which e-mails should be delivered and which are considered waste. Rules are Regular Expressions, so you can make use of familiar options from other mail delivery programs such as e.g. procmail.
If you do not get your mail from a POP3-Server you don't need Mailfilter.
muddleftpd (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) (Homepage) A flexible and efficient FTP daemon
MuddleFTPd has been designed from the ground up to be efficient, configurable and to be tolerant of being run in root or non-root mode. This server enables users to set up a variety of configurations, from a traditional FTP server using the password file for everything, to using the password file for nothing running entirely as a single user.
nstreams (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) network streams - a tcpdump output analyzer
Nstreams is a utility designed to identify the IP streams that are occurring on a network from a non-user friendly tcpdump output of several megabytes. This is especially useful when you plan to install a firewall but if you do not know the nstreams that the network users are generating (http, real audio, and more...).
Nstreams can read the tcpdump output directly from stdin, or from a file. It can even generate the configuration file of your firewall.
smake (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) Schily make. Portable, extensible make
A portable make program optimized to be used with 'makefiles'. smake includes special automake features that allow to do easy portable compilation.
xbindkeys (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) Associate a combination of keys or mouse buttons with a shell command.
xbindkeys is a program that allows you to launch shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse under X Window. It links commands to keys or mouse buttons, using a configuration file. It's independent of the window manager and can capture all keyboard keys (ex: Power, Wake...).
xbindkeys-config (Info) (Bugs) (QA-Testing) (QA-Unstable) (Buildd-Reports) ( Homepage) An easy to use gtk program for configuring Xbindkeys.
XBindKeys_Config is an easy to use gtk program for configuring Xbindkeys.


// Packages I'm working on to get them into the Debian Distribution.


// Linuxtag 2002 in Karlsruhe, CD-Image
I created a CD-Image for the Debian Booth at the Linuxtag 2002 in Karlsruhe.
Look into the LT-Subdir for the files.


// miscellaneous

My GPG-Key is available here. Its Fingerprint is DF7D EB2F DB28 FD2B A9FB FA6D 715E D6A0 7E7B 8AC9 and the Key-ID is 0x7E7B8AC9.

If you want you can look at my wishlist and buy me a book.


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