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Statistics for the Debian Archive

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The graphics on the other pages in this directory refer to the size and structure of the Debian archive. The graphed numbers refer to the number of packages in the Debian archive for a particular architectur and distribution. All three regular distributions are investigated: stable, testing and unstable.

Once per day the numbers are calculated from the Debian archive. This happens about one hour after the daily archive maintenance run.

One thing that is demonstrated clearly with these graphics is the woody release on July 19th. However, due to the interpolation rules in rrdtool it looks like the numbers weren't increased by a couple thousand packages at once, even though they were.

For those of you who are interested in how this works, here are links to the source files which are maintained through CVS at the Infodrom site.

michelle - extract the numbers from the Debian archive
carrie - scan the incoming directory
colleen - convert the old style RRD file to the new format (kludge)
cameron - create the graphics

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