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Statistics for the Debian Archive

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Architecture: all

[arch all]

Architecture: alpha

[arch alpha]

Architecture: amd64

[arch amd64]

Architecture: arm

[arch arm]

Architecture: armel

[arch armel]

Architecture: hppa

[arch hppa]

Architecture: hurd-i386

[arch hurd-i386]

Architecture: i386

[arch i386]

Architecture: ia64

[arch ia64]

Architecture: kfreebsd-amd64

[arch kfreebsd-amd64]

Architecture: kfreebsd-i386

[arch kfreebsd-i386]

Architecture: m68k

[arch m68k]

Architecture: mips

[arch mips]

Architecture: mipsel

[arch mipsel]

Architecture: powerpc

[arch powerpc]

Architecture: s390

[arch s390]

Architecture: sh

[arch sh]

Architecture: sparc

[arch sparc]

Architecture: source

[arch source]

Architecture: any

[arch any]

Architecture any means: Summarise all binary architectures.

Incoming directory

[Incoming directory]

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