Why is Joey not an ftpmaster?

This is becoming an FAQ here is a more verbose answer.

  1. Becoming an ftpmaster requires quite some amount of introduction work from what I've seen. I don't want to spend my time on this.
  2. Being an ftpmaster requires quite some insight in the tools used to maintainer the archieve (James' Katie Crew) and they break every once in a while, often with regards to stable updates. I simply don't have the time to grok these tools as well.
  3. Being an ftpmaster means more competence, responsibility and power. I already have enough hats within the Debian project.
  4. If I would be an ftpmaster technically, I know that I would help with all aspects of ftpmaster work whenever I notice a bottleneck. Guess what that will mean to my time and other projects.
  5. There has to be some jobs and tasks in the Debian project that I am not responsible for. Maybe I'm too na´ve, but I do believe that.

Hence, I don't want to become an ftpmaster, not even technically.

However, since I'm trying to update the stable Debian release (would become the third update of 3.0) from April 2004 to [insert release date here], it may be a requirement for me to become an ftpmaster, just so that there is a chance to get stable updated at all.