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This is a, hopefully up-to-date, copy of the text that is sent out when we are contacted through the press address.

Thank you for your interest in the Debian Project!

Due to the fact that we receive a lot of similar requests, we were forced to set up an automatic reply mechanism to reduce our workload and to actually be able to answer real requests again. It would simply cost us too much time to answer each mail manually - and this would keep us from important tasks. This means that we won't reply to each mail manually but hope that this automatic reply answers it properly. We will, however, take a short glance at every mail and will answer as soon as possible if we notice questions that are not answered by this autoreply.

If you feel that the automatic reply does not answer all of your questions properly and you haven't received a manual reply from us WITHIN FOUR WORKDAYS, you may request manual attention. Be forewarned, that requesting manual attention too early may decrease the priority of a manual reply mail automatically. If you are requesting manual attention, remove all questions that were answered by this autoreply and add "Manual attention requested" to the top of your letter.

Please do not send such a mail right after you have received this automatic reply. Think about why you have received it and if it answers your questions already. If you send such a mail right after you sent the original mail, chances are good it will be ignored.

Please use the English language in your mail. The use of other languages will result in confusion and delays since we would have to seek for translators first.

The Debian Project

The Debian Project is a worldwide association that produces the Debian distribution, the free operating system (OS) for your computer. Debian is kernel independent. It currently uses the Linux kernel but work is in progress to provide Debian for other kernels, including the Hurd and BSD. A detailed explanation is found on

The new Release

The current stable release of Debian GNU/Linux is version 3.0. It was released in July 2002. Since the beginning of 2002 development has been proceeding on the next version of the entire distribution, codenamed `sarge', which will be released as Debian 3.1.

Requests for freebies

The Debian Project is not a company nor does it produce any CD sets or hardware. We only produce a software distribution. We also help people distributing Debian GNU/Linux by providing properly created CD images at

As a result of this, we are unable to provide you with freebies for shows or free CD boxes for reviewing. Please check out the vendors page at and ask a vendor near to you. Chances are good that they can help. You're also invited to fetch the CD images and write your own official CD set.

What we can do is provide you with links to public stuff other than the best and most free distribution Debian GNU/Linux:

Questions regarding packages or the distribution as a whole

We receive quite a few general questions in regards to the Debian distribution. Most of them are answered on the project's homepage at . Please try to find answers to your questions there before contacting us again, so we can answer your unique questions more quickly.

More information:

Packages information is available at

Individual packages information is available at<name&bt;

Bugs in a given package are available at<name>

News Articles and Press Releases

Press releases and news articles are sent to the following lists:


These and other Debian mailing lists are archived on with a delay of less than one day.

To receive these articles please subscribe yourself to the list which content you want to read. You'll find information about subscription to our lists here

Recent news articles are collected here Press coverage is archived here

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