PowerPC Port of Debian GNU/Linux

Debian GNU/Linux was always intended to be a multi-architecture distribution. The first port started in August 1995 with the m68k line. Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 was released for both i386 and m68k architecture at the same time. The developers are working on some more architectures.

The port to the PowerPC architecture started at the end of 1996. After the German Linux Kongress in Würzburg where the Debian project was sponsored a PowerPC for development issues, this port became a real basis.

The current state of the port is still development. It runs on both PreP and CHRP machines. All packages are available for the PowerPC architecture.

Supported machines are: PowerPC CPU's with CHRP, PReP or PowerMac architecture, PowerBooks 2400, 3400, G3 and G3 series

The documents on this page are rather old and mainly serve for historical purposes