PowerPC Port of Debian GNU/Linux

  1. Work on boot-floppies
  2. We need better floppy support on chrp
  3. Stabilize the video mode on tervola
  4. Try an X-Server on tervola
  5. Package up nvsetup

    This tool is used to read and write OF variables. It should probably be contained in a pmac-utils package or so.

  6. Package up pdisk

    Currently On PowerPC systems you can't use the regular fdisk that comes with i386 systems although it compiles. The partition table simply looks different. The appropriate tool for PowerPC systems (as well as some m68k machines) is pdisk. Currently there is no .deb containing one.

  7. Work on Quik

    On CHRP you seem to be able to boot off of another file system and load the kernel from there. On Pmac/PReP (i.e. on tervola) you need the second stage loader quik. At least that's my impression.

    And since it gives you a similar flexibility to lilo on regular machines it's a good thing, too.

  8. Geert Uytterhoeven: Fix race conditions when switching between VCs with different color depths. After that I can try XF68_FBDev in>8 bpp (got patches from Gerd, but it crashes due to problem one). And I want my S3 working, and accelerated X fopr Mach64, and, ...
  9. Set up some kind of auto-compiler