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Cosimo Alfarano - Developing GNU/Debian


My .debs, pools are to be restructured but you may be interested in:
In local pool (OBSOLETE, kept for historical reason) you will find some packages patched/recompiled with IPv6 support (ssh postfix postfix-tls), uw-imapd with SSL and IDLE support (in official pkgs it's disabled for Microsoft's clients compatibility issues) and others packages recompiled, packaged or written by me.

Custom Debian Distributition

You can find old discussions about CDD appeared on debian-devel (only the one tagged [custom] in Subject) in a mailgrep'ed mbox
Alioth's Project and debian-custom@l.d.o mailing list has been created for coordination.

Anything else about me

Finger me at db.debian.org to get my GnuPG key or any other public information present on Debian DB.
Use http://db.debian.org/ if you like.
GPG key are avaiable via any public PGP keyserver.
Some information about my GNU/Debian Packages can be retrieved using http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=kalfa
Currently you can find any other information about me and my works on my home page at Bologna University http://www.students.cs.unibo.it/~alfarano/ or at Bononia.it when it will be ready http://www.bononia.it/~kalfa/ .
Work informations only at http://www.cosimo.alfarano.bo.it/
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