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Welcome to Kartik Mistry's homepage!

Debian rules! At moment I belong to Ahmedabad City (or અમદાવાદ in Gujarati, my native language). I was born in Palanpur (Banaskantha, Gujarat), where I studied till graduation and luckily finished my post-graduation in Computer Applications from LDCE, Ahmedabad. I then moved to Mumbai for work for more than 3.5 years and also to Bangalore (BLR) for small amount of time.

I became Debian Developer in August, 2008, and using/contributing to Debian from c2004 end. And other than Debian, I am contributing in Gujarati translation for KDE, Tuxpaint, OpenOffice.org, D-I, Firefox and other various projects. I speak to various places about Debian, FOSS in general whenever I get chance for it. If your LUG/College want to speak to me about Debian or FOSS, feel free to contact me. I am also giving some amount of time to Gujarati Wikipedia nowadays.

My hobbies are reading, blogging, aquiring gadgets (well, I am trying!), meeting new people and making them friend!

An acknowledgement for the style of this page. I just copied this page from Kumar Appaiah's Debian Homepage. It is directly adapted from the stylesheets used by Petr Baudis for the Git home page and Jonas Fonseca for the elinks home page. Thanks to them for making this available. The rounded corners were made based on Spiffy Corners' Rounded CSS Corners.

This page is maintained by Kartik Mistry. Please email me at kartik@debian.org with patches, suggestions and comments.

Last modified: Thu Mar 18 18:01:00 IST 2010

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