Luk Claes I'm a Debian Developer and here is an overview about me and my work for Debian. debianlogo


// about me
\\ Some personal information

I live in Belgium. I'm currently working at the University of Ghent. I'm playing with Linux distributions since 1998. Though you probably can guess what distribution I'm using since a long time...

My native language is Dutch, though I speek fluent English, I can understand German rather good, I have a basic understanding of French and I have notions of Spanish and a little bit of Italian.

If you want to contact me try my email address found on the bottom of this site. You could also try to reach me on IRC: luk on or
\\ Some (more or less) important links
Packages The Debian Distribution consist of more than 10000 Packages (unstable) now. Hey, thats huge, really. On this website you can search for a specific package.
SPI SPI is a non-profit organization which was founded to help organizations develop and distribute open hardware and software. It can take care of the administrative tasks of organizations like donation handling and legal issues.
Debian Release Management. Overview of the release standards, release updates, useful links and update policies.
// Work I do for Debian
  • First I'm one of the Release Wizards (former Release Managers).
  • I joined the Security Team to fix issues sooner in unstable/testing (tracker).
  • Next I maintain a bunch of packages, mainly cifs-utils and nfs-utils.
  • I'm one of the former board members of SPI
// Debian Talks
// miscellaneous

My GPG-Key is available here. Its Fingerprint is A4AD 7A70 0EE5 F70F 31B1 6FA3 2127 371B 9BB2 3062 and the Key-ID is 0x9BB23062.

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