What happened in the reproducible builds effort this week:

Toolchain fixes

  • Stéphane Glondu uploaded dh-ocaml/1.0.10 which now generates *.info with a deterministic order. Original patch by Chris Lamb. Stéphane also uploaded ocaml/4.02.3-1 to experimental which enables ocamldoc to build reproducible manpages using a patch by Valentin Lorentz.
  • Paul Gevers uploaded pasdoc/0.14.0-1 with upstream changes which should make the generated documentation reproducible by default.
  • Osamu Aoki uploaded debiandoc-sgml/1.2.31-1 adding spport for a DEBIANDOC_DATE environment variable to override the content of the <date> tag.
  • Dmitry Shachnev uploaded sphinx/1.3.1-4 which fixes many reproducibility issues and add support for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.

Valentin Lorentz sent a patch for ispell to initialize memory structures before dumping their content.

In our experimental repository, qt4-x11 has been rebased on the latest version (Dhole), as was doxygen (akira).

Packages fixed

The following packages became reproducible due to changes in their build dependencies: backup-manager, cheese, coinor-csdp, coinor-dylp, ebook-speaker, freefem, indent, libjbcrypt-java, qtquick1-opensource-src, ruby-coffee-script, ruby-distribution, schroot, twittering-mode.

The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed:

Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues but not all of them:

Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive yet:

  • #795203 on xlsx2csv by Dhole: set PODDATE to the date of the latest debian/changelog entry.
  • #795392 on blkreplay by Dhole: tell pod2man to use the date of the latest debian/changelog entry.
  • #795394 on libitpp by Dhole: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH as source for the manpage date instead of the currentdate.
  • #795395 on adblock-plus by Dhole: set TZ to UTC when using zip.
  • #795438 on wims-extra by Chris Lamb: ask grep to cope with non-UTF8 files.
  • #795441 on aprx by Chris Lamb: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH as source for the manpage date instead of the currentdate.
  • #795462 on ogre-1.9 by Chris Lamb: removes timestamps from the documentation system.
  • #795484 on ruby-rmagick by Chris Lamb: patch the bindings to allow the PRNG seed to be set, and set it to a fixed value when generating examples.
  • #795562 on htp by Chris Lamb: export TZ=UTC in debian/rules.

akira found another embedded code copy of texi2html in maxima.


Work on testing several architectures has continued. (Mattia/h01ger)

Package reviews

29 reviews have been removed, 187 added and 34 updated this week.

172 new FTBFS reports were filled, 137 solely by Chris West (Faux).

josch spent time investigating the issue with fonts in PDF files.

Chris Lamb documented the issue affecting documentation generated by ocamldoc.


Lunar presented a general “Reproducible builds HOWTO” talk at the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 in Germany on August 13th. Recordings are already available, as well as slides and script.

h01ger and Lunar also used CCCamp15 as an opportunity to have discussions with members of several different projects about reproducible builds. Good news should be coming soon.