What happened in the reproducible builds effort this week:

Toolchain fixes

  • Bdale Garbee uploaded tar/1.28-1 which includes the --clamp-mtime option. Patch by Lunar.

Aurélien Jarno uploaded glibc/2.21-0experimental1 which will fix the issue were locales-all did not behave exactly like locales despite having it in the Provides field.

Lunar rebased the pu/reproducible_builds branch for dpkg on top of the released 1.18.2. This made visible an issue with udebs and automatically generated debug packages.

The summary from the meeting at DebConf15 between ftpmasters, dpkg mainatainers and reproducible builds folks has been posted to the revelant mailing lists.

Packages fixed

The following 70 packages became reproducible due to changes in their build dependencies: activemq-activeio, async-http-client, classworlds, clirr, compress-lzf, dbus-c++, felix-bundlerepository, felix-framework, felix-gogo-command, felix-gogo-runtime, felix-gogo-shell, felix-main, felix-shell-tui, felix-shell, findbugs-bcel, gco, gdebi, gecode, geronimo-ejb-3.2-spec, git-repair, gmetric4j, gs-collections, hawtbuf, hawtdispatch, jack-tools, jackson-dataformat-cbor, jackson-dataformat-yaml, jackson-module-jaxb-annotations, jmxetric, json-simple, kryo-serializers, lhapdf, libccrtp, libclaw, libcommoncpp2, libftdi1, libjboss-marshalling-java, libmimic, libphysfs, libxstream-java, limereg, maven-debian-helper, maven-filtering, maven-invoker, mochiweb, mongo-java-driver, mqtt-client, netty-3.9, openhft-chronicle-queue, openhft-compiler, openhft-lang, pavucontrol, plexus-ant-factory, plexus-archiver, plexus-bsh-factory, plexus-cdc, plexus-classworlds2, plexus-component-metadata, plexus-container-default, plexus-io, pytone, scolasync, sisu-ioc, snappy-java, spatial4j-0.4, tika, treeline, wss4j, xtalk, zshdb.

The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed:

Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues but not all of them:

Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive yet:

  • #797027 on zyne by Chris Lamb: switch to pybuild to get rid of .pyc files.
  • #797180 on python-doit by Chris Lamb: sort output when creating completion script for bash and zsh.
  • #797211 on apt-dater by Chris Lamb: fix implementation of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.
  • #797215 on getdns by Chris Lamb: fix call to dpkg-parsechangelog in debian/rules.
  • #797254 on splint by Chris Lamb: support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for version string.
  • #797296 on shiro by Chris Lamb: remove username from build string.
  • #797408 on splitpatch by Reiner Herrmann: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to set manpage date.
  • #797410 on eigenbase-farrago by Reiner Herrmann: sets the comment style to scm-safe which tells ResourceGen that no timestamps should be included.
  • #797415 on apparmor by Reiner Herrmann: sorting with the locale set to C. CAPABILITIES
  • #797419 on resiprocate by Reiner Herrmann: set the embedded hostname to a static value.
  • #797427 on jam by Reiner Herrmann: sorting with the locale set to C.
  • #797430 on ii-esu by Reiner Herrmann: sort source list using C locale.
  • #797431 on tatan by Reiner Herrmann: sort source list using C locale.

Chris Lamb also noticed that binaries shipped with libsilo-bin did not work.

Documentation update

Chris Lamb and Ximin Luo assembled a proper specification for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in the hope to convince more upstreams to adopt it. Thanks to Holger it is published under a non-Debian domain name.

Lunar documented easiest way to solve issues with file ordering and timestamps in tarballs that came with tar/1.28-1.

Some examples on how to use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH have been improved to support systems without GNU date.


armhf is finally being tested, which also means the remote building of Debian packages finally works! This paves the way to perform the tests on even more architectures and doing variations on CPU and date. Some packages even produce the same binary Arch:all packages on different architectures (1, 2). (h01ger)

Tests for FreeBSD are finally running. (h01ger)

As it seems the gcc5 transition has cooled off, we schedule sid more often than testing again on amd64. (h01ger)

disorderfs has been built and installed on all build nodes (amd64 and armhf). One issue related to permissions for root and unpriviliged users needs to be solved before disorderfs can be used on reproducible.debian.net. (h01ger)


Version 0.011-1 has been released on August 29th. The new version updates dh_strip_nondeterminism to match recent changes in debhelper. (Andrew Ayer)


disorderfs, the new FUSE filesystem to ease testing of filesystem-related variations, is now almost ready to be used. Version 0.2.0 adds support for extended attributes. Since then Andrew Ayer also added support to reverse directory entries instead of shuffling them, and arbitrary padding to the number of blocks used by files.

Package reviews

142 reviews have been removed, 48 added and 259 updated this week.

Santiago Vila renamed the not_using_dh_builddeb issue into varying_mtimes_in_data_tar_gz_or_control_tar_gz to align better with other tag names.

New issue identified this week: random_order_in_python_doit_completion.

37 FTBFS issues have been reported by Chris West (Faux) and Chris Lamb.


h01ger gave a talk at FrOSCon on August 23rd. Recordings are already online.

These reports are being reviewed and enhanced every week by many people hanging out on #debian-reproducible. Huge thanks!