What happened in the reproducible builds effort this week:

Toolchain fixes

Dmitry Shachnev uploaded sphinx/1.3.1-6 with improved patches from Val Lorentz.

Chris Lamb submitted a patch for ibus-table which makes the output of ibus-table-createdb deterministic.

Niko Tyni wrote a patch to make libmodule-build-perl linking order deterministic.

Santiago Vila has been leading discussions on the best way to fix timestamps coming from Gettext POT files.

Packages fixed

The following 35 packages became reproducible due to changes in their build dependencies: apache-log4j2, dctrl-tools, dms, gitit, gnubik, isrcsubmit, mailutils, normaliz, oaklisp, octave-fpl, octave-specfun, octave-vrml, opencolorio, openvdb, pescetti, php-guzzlehttp, proofgeneral, pyblosxom, pyopencl, pyqi, python-expyriment, python-flask-httpauth, python-mzml, python-simpy, python-tidylib, reactive-streams, scmxx, shared-mime-info, sikuli, siproxd, srtp, tachyon, tcltk-defaults, urjtag, velvet.

The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed:

The package is not in yet in unstable, but linux/4.2-1~exp1 is now reproducible! Kudos to Ben Hutchings, and most fixes are already merged upstream.

Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues but not all of them:

Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive yet:

  • #797432 on torus-trooper by Reiner Herrmann: set locale to C when sorting source file list.
  • #797437 on flow-tools by Chris Lamb: use pre-defined hostname and date of the latest debian/changelog entry in build string.
  • #797505 on cloudprint by Chris Lamb: remove embedded .pyc files.
  • #797506 on comix by Chris Lamb: remove embedded .pyc files.
  • #797508 on litl by Chris Lamb: remove date from documentation generated with LaTeX.
  • #797518 on gyoto by Chris Lamb: set date in documentation generated with LaTeX to the latest debian/changelog entry.
  • #797539 on cadabra by Chris Lamb: use date of the latest debian/changelog entry as build time.
  • #797543 on xotcl by Chris Lamb: sort source list in Makefile.
  • #797579 on ferret-vis by Chris Lamb: use date of the latest debian/changelog entry as build time.
  • #797711 on libkinosearch1-perl by Niko Tyni: sort source list in Build.PL.
  • #797871 on xbae by Chris Lamb: use date of the latest debian/changelog entry as build time.


Some bugs that prevented packages to build successfully in the remote builders have been fixed. (h01ger)

Two more amd64 build jobs have been removed from the Jenkins host in favor of six more on the new remote nodes. (h01ger)

The munin graphs currently looks fine, so more amd64 jobs will probably be added in the next week.

diffoscope development

Version 32 of diffoscope has been released on September 3rd with the following new features:

  • A new --fuzzy-threshold option to specify the TLSH score used as cut-off for fuzzy matching. Specifying 0 will disable fuzzy-matching entirely. Suggested by Jakub Wilk.
  • A new --new-file option to treat absent files as empty. This make diffoscope a great tool to look at the content of an archive at once by comparing it with a non-existent file (example). Suggested by Jakub Wilk.
  • Comparisons of symlinks and devices given on the command line is now possible.
  • Default values are displayed in --help.

It also fixes many bugs. Head over to the changelog for the full list.

Version 33 was released the day after to fix a bug introduced in the packaging.

Documentation update

Chris Lamb blessed the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH specification with the version number “1.0”.

Lunar documented how the .file assembler directive can help with random filenames in debug symbols.

Package reviews

235 reviews have been removed, 84 added and 277 updated this week.

29 new FTBFS bugs were filled by Chris Lamb, Chris West (Faux), Daniel Stender, and Niko Tyni.

New issues identified this week: random_order_in_ibus_table_createdb_output, random_order_in_antlr_output, nondetermistic_link_order_in_module_build, and timestamps_in_tex_documents.


Thanks to Dhole and Thomas Vincent, the talk held at DebConf15 now has subtitles!

Void Linux started to merge changes to make packages produced by xbps reproducible.