What happened in the reproducible builds effort between February 7th and February 13th 2016:

Toolchain fixes

  • James McCoy uploaded devscripts/2.16.1 which makes dcmd supports .buildinfo files. Original patch by josch.
  • Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer uploaded qt4-x11/4:4.8.7+dfsg-6 which make files created by qch reproducible by using a fixed date instead of the current time. Original patch by Dhole.

Norbert Preining rejected the patch submitted by Reiner Herrmann to make the CreationDate not appear in comments of DVI / PS files produced by TeX. He also mentioned that some timestamps can be replaced by using the -output-comment option and that the next version of pdftex “will have patches inspired by reproducible build to mitigate the effects (see SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH patches)”.

Packages fixed

The following packages have become reproducible due to changes in their build dependencies: abntex, apt-dpkg-ref, arduino, c++-annotations, cfi, chaksem, clif, cppreference-doc, dejagnu, derivations, ecasound, fdutils, gnash, gnu-standards, gnuift, gsequencer, gss, gstreamer0.10, gstreamer1.0, harden-doc, haskell98-report, iproute2, java-policy, libbluray, libmodbus, lizardfs, mclibs, moon-buggy, nurpawiki, php-sasl, shishi, stealth, xmltex, xsom.

The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed:

Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues, but not all of them:

Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive yet:

  • #813944 on cvm by Reiner Herrmann: remove gzip headers, fix permissions of some directories and the order of the md5sums.
  • #814019 on latexdiff by Reiner Herrmann: remove the current build date from documentation.
  • #814214 on rocksdb by Chris Lamb: add support for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.


A new armhf build node has been added (thanks to Vagrant Cascadian) and integrated into the Jenkins setup for 4 new armhf builder jobs. (h01ger)

All packages for Debian testing (Stretch) have been tested on armhf in just 42 days. It took 114 days to get the same point for unstable back when the armhf test infrastructure was much smaller.

Package sets have been enabled for testing on armhf. (h01ger)

Packages producing architecture-independent (“Arch:all”) binary packages together with architecture dependent packages targeted for specific architectures will now only be tested on matching architectures. (Steven Chamberlain, h01ger)

As the Jenkins setup is now made of 252 different jobs, the overview has been split into 11 different smalller views. (h01ger)

Package reviews

222 reviews have been removed, 110 added and 50 updated in the previous week.

35 FTBFS reports were made by Chris Lamb, Danny Edel, and Niko Tyni.


The recordings of Ludovic Courtès' talk at FOSDEM’16 about reproducible builds and GNU Guix is now available. One can also have a look at slides from Fabian Keil's talk about ElecrtroBSD and Baptiste Daroussin's talk about FreeBSD packages.