Sponsoring guidelines


I've tried to write a document about what I expect from my sponsorees. I wrote them so that they are clear from day-0 of my sponsoring, and so that my standards are clear too.

Those are my standards and are (did I said sadly ?) not the default Debian standards (yet ?). Other sponsors may have different sets of ones, so go see them if you don't like what I expect from you *grin*.

Note: yes I did inspired myself from Matthew Palmer sponsoring guidelines.


The Procedure

Usual things

What will I do and expect

Final word

I expect sponsorship to be exciting and fun. For both of us. I enjoy a lot to teach things, and have liked to sponsor people so far a lot. (and it's way easier to criticize one's work than his own *grin*). My goal is that you get skilled enough so that NM becomes a simple formality.