Modern version control systems for Debian packaging

LCA2008, Melbourne, Australia 28 Jan 2008


Distributed VCS are hip!
Disclaimer: I'm a Git. I don't see noteworthy differences in the concepts behind Git and other "modern VCS". There may be, but not in this talk.

Evolution of version control


This mailing list post explains the graph a bit.

CVS-like version control systems

Centralised version control


Modern version control systems

Commit-based version control


Potential problems during merges


Why modern VCS merge better than the ancient cruft

Common ancestors during merges


Introducing feature branches

My workflow

With credits especially to

  • Manoj Srivastava, who introduced me to feature branches
  • and Pierre Habouzit, who provided a lot of input and showed me how he uses Git for packaging,

I now want to show you my workflow

Feature branches

Other branches in use

The big picture


Live demonstration?

Do you want to see this in action?

Working with other distros

My only friend, the end…

Thank you for your attention!


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