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My name is Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo. I am a Debian contributor/Maintainer since 2010 and Developer since 2013, and this is a minimal website describing my Debian activities.

It will be mainly used as a place to share small bits of information or experimental packages, and (if I decide to publish something at all in the accompanying blog) for announcements about my activities, or for what I consider useful information for the general community of users and developers of Debian and Free (Open Source) Software.

I hope that you find something useful and enjoy the visit!

Some basic information

My username in Debian is mafm, the e-mail address is –you guessed it– <mafm@debian.org>.

I have an user page in the Debian wiki, with links and up-to-date information about packages that I [co-]maintain, activities, stats, etc.:

And this is the GnuPG key/fingerprint/uid that I use for Debian activities, that you can find mirrored in keyservers (4096R/45DCA80E):

  pub   4096R/45DCA80E 2012-01-25 [expires: 2020-01-01]
        Key fingerprint = 2A8E 8050 5C48 6298 430D  D093 7F76 06A4 45DC A80E
  [ ... ]
  uid                  Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <mafm@debian.org>
  sub   4096R/0F432361 2012-01-25 [expires: 2020-01-01]