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This is MJR's FAQ about the situation between Sven Luther and the
debian-installer svn repository.  Unfortunately, there are
currently more questions than answers.

Please see parent directory for contact details, disclaimer etc.
Last revised: 20 June 2006

1. What happened?

cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) summarised to debian-project on 20 June 2006:
> the message regarding him resiging is [1], frans explains his reasoning for
> removing Sven in [2], and [3] is Sven's take on [2] (with a lot of context
> regarding when he send [1]). [4] has Sven explaining how he meant [1]


2. Was it unanimous?

AFAICT, some #d-i team[5] wrote it was badly done and some offered
to support Sven's work on debian-boot (before this latest round,
anyway).  A range of views is unsurprising, as d-i is a big team
IMO.  0 of 3 d-i *admins* have reversed it, which is the key fact.


3. What could happen next?

Time to find a different resolution, maybe from more comprehensible
mediation than telling people to "grow up"[6].  Unfortunately,
Sven Luther hasn't replied to [7] and four-fifths of the history
seems to be unlogged IRC, so it's hard to see any starting point.


4. Maybe from [8] we should conclude that d-i admins explaining some
technical reasoning which Sven Luther doesn't currently meet would
justify the lack of commit access and satisfy him, but would it?