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Rules for sponsoring packages


  1. dh_* lines in debian/rules
    • commented out
      These need removing, there is no point in leaving them in there.
    • not required
      EG: Don't call dh_shlibdeps if the package isn't going to depend on any shared libraries.
  2. ITP for new packages
    Your package must have an ITP filed for at least a week before I'll upload it.
  3. Builds properly in-a-sane-way
    I use dpkg-buildpackage, and expect the source package to throw out a nice .deb and .changes at the end.
  4. No spurious changes to .orig.tar.gz
    Dont' remake upstreams .tar.gz, unless there is a very good reason.
  5. lintian clean
    It MUST be lintian clean. If it's not, you should have an override in place. And when you email me, tell me why you've overridden it.
  6. Build on Sid
    Your package must build under Sid, or a sid chroot. See pbuilder. Packages built under stable or testing aren't going to work in the Debian repository. It doesn't work like that.


  1. Use debhelper 7 features, no CDBS
  2. Use 3.0 (quilt) source format
  3. Good sources
    Please, give me a wgettable url to your .dsc, your .diff.gz and your .orig.gz, or provide an apt-source repository. Don't put ALL your debian packages in one directory, it just makes it harder to find the ones you want sponsoring.


Contact me using email nijel@debian.org with [sponsoring] somewhere in subject. If you fail to include the keyword, the mail will be lost between tons of spam and it might take a lot of time to reveal it.