It's like debootstrap, but for websites!

Everyone's been here. Everyone's had to come up with a quick website to present something they care about, only to get caught up with the kruft-tastic task of creating some half-assed design that no one likes.

This will let you create these ugly sites in just a few minutes! In fact, this site (yes, this one!) was created with dewebstrap and a couple of minutes. Dogfooding, ya'know?

Alright, wiseguy, it's not that easy.

No, really, it is, I swear! Check out some example usage:
cd /var/www/
mkdir foo
dewebstrap static foo
And behold!

If you're into flask (which you rightfully should be), you can bootstrap a flask app using the same, well, everything!
cd ~/dev/local
mkdir app
dewebstrap flask app
And sit back in glee.

Just btw, if you don't know how to deploy a WSGI app yet, please do check out the docs relating to it. I don't want to be the reason someone runs a production webserver by running this script in a screen session :)

I bet it's old and krufty

Well, perhaps. As bonus trendy points, all the theme stuff is built with lessc, which is just great. You won't notice anything except super compressed CSS, built from sources picked fresh from the local drive. Being DFSG free never felt so good.

OK, so what's it's license?