hvr3000-mfe-8854.patch is a Multiple Front End patch against v4l-dvb head (rev 8854). It supports both HVR3000 and HVR4000 and is based on scratcpad-8628.diff by Darron Broad.

hvr3000-mfe-8628.patch is a cleaned up version of scratcpad-8628.diff by Darron Broad. Use the instructions on the LinuxTV wiki with revision 8628 of the mercurial repository. This is a Multiple Front End version.

2.6.26rc5-hvr3000.patch is current and applies to all 2.6.26rc versions and the current (revision 8004, 5 June 2008) mercurial head of v4l-dvb. This doesn't always initialise the DVB-T side of things.

2.6.26rc3-hvr3000.patch had a bug that caused problems with some versions of HAL and the DVB-T port.