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The Debian TeX sub-policy
Chapter 2 - Terms and Definitions

The following terms are used in this document:

TeX-related package

Any Debian package that uses or provides parts of the TeX infrastructure, i.e. the TeX or Metafont program or derivatives thereof, fonts or input files in a TEXMF tree, etc.


This package provides basic infrastructure and some configuration files for all TeX-related packages, including the configuration update programs.

Basic TeX packages

A Basic TeX package is a Debian package that provides the basic infrastructure for TeX-related programs. It should provide sufficient functionality for typesetting most generated (La)TeX code, e.g. from docbook, debiandoc, or texinfo sources. Usually, the Basic TeX packages will be divided into an architecture-dependent and an architecture-independent package.

The arch-dependent package must provide at least one binary that is fully compatible with Donald E. Knuth's original TeX program, and it should provide the original TeX itself. The output formats dvi, PostScript and Adobe PDF must be available, either directly or by conversion of other output formats. The arch-independent package must provide at least the files necessary to create the formats for plain TeX and LaTeX and the input files required by the LaTeX distribution, as well as the Computer Modern fonts.


The TeX Directory Structure, which describes file placement for TeX input files. The current version of the TDS is installed with this document as tds.pdf and tds.html. The latest version of the TDS is available at http://www.tug.org/twg/tds/.

TEXMF tree

One directory tree, arranged according to the TDS

TeX input file

A file that is meant to be used by a TeX-related program; technically any file that can be found by the /kpathsea/kpse library. This includes e.g. Type1 font files.

configuration update programs

The configuration information from files provided by different TeX-related packages must be merged and made available in appropriate form to the various programs. This is usually done by scripts that write files into the TEXMFSYSVAR tree.

Currently, the configuration update programs provided by tex-common are: update-texmf, update-fmtutil, update-language, update-updmap.

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The Debian TeX sub-policy

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