Peter Galbraith's Debian Packages
emacs-goodies-el 31.3 Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs
debian-el Emacs helpers specific to Debian users.
dpkg-dev-el Emacs-related Debian development helpers.
devscripts-el Emacs wrappers for the commands in devscripts.
gnus-bonus-el Miscellaneous add-ons for Gnus.
vm-bonus-el Miscellaneous add-ons for VM.
gri 2.12.19-3 a language for scientific graphics programming.
gri-html-doc HTML manual for gri.
gri-ps-doc PostScript manual for gri.
gri-el Emacs major mode fo gri.
g3data 1.5.3-2 extract data from scanned graphs
To Do: Re-write tooltips.h and submit upstream.
imgsizer 2.7-3 Automatically adds WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes to IMG tags in HTML files, making for faster rendering.
jazip 0.34-13 X tool to easily mount and unmount Iomega Zip and/or Jaz drives.
libforms1 1.0.92sp1-5 The XForms graphical interface widget library.
libforms-dev Header files and static libraries for the XForms widget library.
libformsgl1 OpenGL library for XForms.
libformsgl-dev OpenGL header files and static libraries for the XForms widget library.
libforms-bin Support binaries for the XForms widget library.
libforms-doc Documentation for the XForms graphical interface library.
mh-book 200605-1 MH & nmh: Email for Users & Programmers online book
To Do: Change doc-base section to mail instead of net.
To Do: Investigate package htmldoc instead of html2ps for the make-postscript-mh-book script.
mh-e 8.2-2 the GNU Emacs front end for MH and nmh mail user agents
powstatd 1.5.1-6.1 Configurable UPS monitoring daemon
/etc/init.d/powerfail should not be a conffile because many ups-monitor packages provide such a file (and it would be overwritten from a removed but not purged powstatd package when installing such a ups-monitor package). Also, it's possible to modify /etc/init.d/halt such that the machine is rebooted instead of halted should power have returned by the end of the shutdown process. An old patch for the package sysvinit is in the BTS to fix these issues (bug #55123).
In addition, the `failtime' variable should be moved and sourced from a file in /etc/source.
powstatd-crypt 1.5.1-2 Virtual transition package that can be removed.
proj 4.7.0-1 Cartographic projection filter and library
proj-ps-doc 4.3.3-4 Cartographic projection filter and library PostScript documentation
Documentation has not changed from 4.3.3 to 4.4.x, so this package is still uptodate.
poster 1:20050907-1 Make big posters out of PostScript pages
xcolmix 1.07-9 an RGB colour mixer
xplot 1.19-8 a simple x-y column data plotter for X.
To Do: Investigate why help text is double-spaced (xldas doesn't do this, for example).
xtide 2.10-1 provides tide and current predictions
xtide-coastline 20020202-1 Coastline data for XTide.
xtide-data 20081228-1 Harmonics data file for the xtide package.
libtcd0 2.2.2-1 Tide Constituent Database (TCD) library
libtcd-dev Header files and static libraries for the TCD library.
xwatch 2.11-14 monitor logfiles and display new logs in an X window.

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