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1 Ontologies

I am digressing a little in this post. One of the things I want to get out of this exercise is to learn more about Ontologies and Ontology editors, and on the principle that you can never learn something unless you build something with it (aka bone knowledge), so this is gathering my thoughts to get started on creating an Ontology for package building. Perhaps this has been done before, and better, but I'll probably learn more trying to create my own.

Also, I am playing around with code, an odd melange of my package building porcelain, and gitpkg, and other ideas bruited on IRC, and I don't want to blog about something that would be embarrassing in the long run if some of the concepts I have milling around turn out to not meet the challenge of first contact with reality.

I want to create a ontology related to packaging software. It should be general enough to cater to the needs any packaging effort in a distribution agnostic and version control agnostic manner. It should enable us to talk about packaging schemes and mechanisms, compare different methods, and perhaps to work towards a common interchange mechanism good enough for people to share the efforts spent in packaging software.

The ontology should be able to describe common practices in packaging, concepts of upstream sources, versioning, commits, package versions, and other meta-data related to packages.

I am doing this ontology primarily for myself, but I hope this might be useful for other folks involved in packaging software.

So, here follow a set of concepts related to packaging software:

Author: Manoj Srivastava <manoj.srivastava@stdc.com>

Date: 2009-04-21 11:08:59 CDT

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