Why Linux? Why Debian?

In early 2004, I was invited to give a talk to the members of the Nashville Linux Users Group about why one should choose Linux, and why then choose Linux. The talk was given at the February NLUG meeting, on February 25th, 2004.

While writing the talk, I decided to get away from the tyranny of the power-point presentation, and decided to write the talk as an essay. I did add a set of slides, mostly empty, to serve as a backdrop to the presentation.

So here is the full text of my talk, the source for the slides, and the slides in html format. As currently written, the talk takes about 2 hours to deliver, more if you encourage interaction from the audience, as I tend to. Enjoy.

Oh, by-the-by, I intend to update and correct this talk over time, and I still appreciate comments and contributions; without all the people who helped me, this talk would not be what it is now.

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>