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hurd-i386 stats here are generated by a cronjob on my laptop

out_of_date.txt: package which managed to build some time ago, but doesn't build
any more, possibly due to a trivial issue. Sorted by buildd order.

graph-radial: it shows all the failed/dep-wait packages in a graph way. Learn
your xfig zoom/unzoom commands (z/Z) to quickly browse in it. You mostly need to
focus on big connected components. There is a color legend somewhere in the
graph (graphviz doesn't let me choose where).

graph-uninstallable: it shows all the uninstallable packages in a graph way.

graph-top.txt: it shows all the failed/dep-wait packages, sorted by number of
children/grandchildren/etc. in the dependency graph, thus from most required
to least required. It also shows an example of dependency chain that leads
to the longest dependency chain.

graph-total-top.txt: same as graph-top.txt, but in the number of dependencies
it also counts the childrens which are not currently missing only thanks
to some version of the package still being available in Debian.

SA_SIGINFO, iopl and lockf are virtual packages I've added just to track how
many packages these missing features are making unbuildable.