Debian project home page of Andreas Tille

Address at work:
Robert Koch Institut
Burgstraße 37
D-38855 Wernigerode
Phone: +49 3943 679 299
Fax: +49 3943 679 207


Andreas Tille

D-38855 Wernigerode

Here you can find some bits of my Debian related work:
As the initiator of the Debian-Med project I'm providing here some extra information especially all talks I presented for this project.
Inoffical packages:
Private testing area for packages I will perhaps maintain in the future or I would like to offer for future maintainers
Do not expect that these packages are working!!!
Use them on your own risk.
Background images for Debian desktop:
I've started some work to provide some of my photos in a form that fits screen background well. This is work in progress.
My real life homepage covers Curriculum vitae and some information about my hobbies especially a number of photos from the area where I live and also some nice photos from Iceland.

Questions and remarks to Andreas Tille.