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Cycleroot: is a little shellscript, to cycle background images.
I got the idea from an even more little script debian-background , I had been looking for something like that from time ago. But as I wasn't finding what I needed I decided to create it.


bgsetting scripts:
I have found lots of scripts/programs for changing background, and they all use the same bgsetter programs.
bgsetter programs:
There are a lot of programs for setting background (wmsetbg, fbsetbf, ESetRoot, qiv, xv, bbsetbg, ...), and by separate they can do many things.
Solution = Glue:
But there isn't a tool (at least I haven't found it) that allows you to handle your background images easily. I mean something that `glues` all the functionality provided by bgsetter programs. Here the glue could be anything (bash, python, perl, tcl, ...), but the best candidate was bash


Here is a list of the most important changes made to cycleroot and when they happened:


You can download the cycleroot script here or cycleroot-ng.

Plugins and Extensions

Coming Next: I'm thinking of a way to share personal modifications done to cycleroot with other cycleroot users. (See downloads for a beta version)

Docs/HOWTO use cycleroot

By now read the documentation/help written on the top of the script.

Improvements and Modifications

Suggestion are welcomed, send them to


Further reading:

This section contains some links, that I found useful for writing and configuring cycleroot.