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Debian Med (short description)

Debian-Med builds an integrated software environment for all medical tasks. It does not only cover medical practice systems but also microbiology (analysis of DNA/protein sequences), medical imaging etc. Thus a general infrastructure for medical users should be provided.

Often accused wrong expectations about Debian-Med:

  1. Debian-Med is a software to manage your medical practice.
    This is wrong! It is planed for the future to integrate also medical practice management software but currently Debian-Med does not contain such kind of stuff for certain reasons. In preparation are GnuMed and FreeMed (inofficial packages are available).
  2. Debian-Med develops medizinische Software itself.
    This is wrong. There are no resources inside Debian for own software development. The only business is to integrate free medical software which is developed by others (so called upstream developers) and to support these upstream developers.

Comprehensive information:

Sämtliche Vorträge über Debian-Med sind online verfügbar.
Es existieren auch Vorschläge für ein Debian-Med logo.

All talks about Debian-Med are available online.
There are some proposals for Debian-Med logo available.

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