Debian Med - Logo suggestions

As you know every serious project needs a logo in these days. Thus I wandered how to get a logo for Debian Med. In some private mails some kind persons offered their suggestions which I want to present here in public. I like some of them but non is really convincing currently and perhaps we just collect some comments on them or further examples to find a final logo for Debian Med.

The following candidates are in the order I received them from the authors.

Many thanks to all who contributed.
Alessandro Franceschi from Coresis asked me to place a link to there Open Graphics contribution to free software.

Michael Danner

  1. Suggested by Michael Danner

Michael Hanke

  1. Suggested by Michael Hanke Download SVG source

Graphics kindly done by Coresis Open Graphics

  1. Made by Tatlin of Coresis - #2
  2. Made by Tatlin of Coresis - #3
  3. Made by Tatlin of Coresis - #4
  4. Made by Tatlin of Coresis - #5
  5. Made by Tatlin of Coresis - #6
    1. Andreas Tille

      1. Suggested by Andreas Tille
      2. Suggested by Andreas Tille

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