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Debian Internal Projects

Talk at Linuxtag Karlsruhe 2002

7. Juni 2002

Here you can find the MagicPoint source including the necessary MagicPoint style of the talk with the title:

Debian Internal Projects

Debian Med und Debian Junior

There are the preformated slides in HTML.

More information you can get at the homepage of Debian-Med or from Andreas Tille who was holding the talk.

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Debian Internal Projects

Free Software in Health Care

Free Operating System for Children

(page 1)


(page 2)


(page 3)

Status of specialized Free Software

(page 4)

Examples of free medical software Medical Practice

(page 5)

does the world need this
whole lot of
programs to manage
patient data
? ?

(page 6)

Reasons for variety of patient systems?

Goal of Debian-Med: Integration

(page 7)

Example: Dental Practice

Authors now are in touch ...

(page 8)


Goal of Debian-Med: Apply Debian standards of quality

(page 9)

Missing Free Software solutions

Goal of Debian-Med: Supporting developers

(page 10)

Special fields

Goal of Debian-Med: Indicate advantages of Free Software to programmers

(page 11)

Complex problems

Goal of Debian-Med: Demanding solid packaging

(page 12)


Goal of Debian-Med: Packaging documentation and translations

(page 13)


Basic idea: Do not make a separate distribution but make Debian fit for special purpose instead

(page 14)

Why using Debian for this purposes?

→ Sub Projects

(page 15)

Why Debian as platform for medicine

(page 16)

Technology (1): Meta Packages

(page 17)

Advantages of meta packages (1)

(page 18)

Advantages of meta packages (2)

Demonstration at the end of this talk.

(page 19)

Technology (2): User menus

(page 20)

Why not just forking from Debian?

(page 21)

Summary: Goals of Debian-Med

(page 22)


Debian-Junior Debian-Med

(page 23)

Further Information

Debian Junior Project pages

Debian Med Project pages

Andreas Tille

(page 24)

Homepage Andreas Tille