Road map to come closer to Debian-Med

  1. Join the Debian-Med mailing list.
  2. Check what projects are missing and ask Debian maintainers for official inclusion. There is a sponsoring program by which even non Debian developers can provide packages which are checked and uploaded by official maintainers. There is no point in keeping good quality softwares outside of Debian.
  3. Verify whether one needs special configuration for your project. If yes, verify which possibilities are given in the Custom Debian Distribution effort. It is more than collecting software but bringing the software to your target users while taking the burden from any configuration issues from his back.
  4. The only reason to keep things outside of Debian are licenses which are not compatible with DFSG. All other parts of your projects can be included and your time for everyday package building tasks can be saved and the workload shared with other people following the same road.

There are two ways to obtain Debian GNU/Linux:

  1. Installation from a CD that may be borrowed from a friend, or bought from a commercial vendor. This may be together with a computer magazine on a newsstand or from a redistributor on the Internet.
  2. Download Debian from the web for free from a local mirror.

The latter is the common way, a net install will only download the required packages.

Andreas Tille 2005-05-13