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Technical background of the talks of Andreas Tille

Since the year 2005 I use LaTeX Beamer for all my talks. The resulting PDF files can be viewed with any PDF viewer. It is reasonable to use a viewer which knows fullscreen mode. However, optimal support of all LaTeX beamer functions is currently only provided by Acrobat Reader.

Because the animated slides are not reasonable for printed handouts, I do also provide a print version, which gets the extension "_handout" to the name.

For each talk the source is available, which has the same name as the PDF-file and can be downloaded on the adequate place. Please note that the talks use common styles and images, which will be needed to compile the source. There are some scripts to compile the PDF presentation and the handout. To simplify downloading of this lot of single files they are provided in addition in a tarfile.

Just download this tarfile, unpack it, put the actual presentation source file in a subdirectory foo, mkdir to foo and run ../bin/beamer3 sourcefile.tex.

Overview about all talks.

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