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I switched from matchbox-keyboard to literki on my Debian installation. I compiled literki from git while doing a few changes:

git clone

My patch basically removes everything besides the keyboard.
- The workspace switcher (?) is probably for illume and doesn't do anything.
- I accidentally closed windows with the close gesture and didn't want that 
- The touchpad crashed when trying to move cursor on my Debian. I also use the GTK stylus library so that I've right click via hold, so didn't figure what I would need the touchpad for. It also blocked my access to the fbpanel menu in the bottom left corner.

When installing, note that there is no make install... just manually copy files to whatever places needed.

Configure files add ä, ö and € characters, while also adding additional 
"X" behind Fn key which closes windows (the other is Escape). I also simply 
copy-pasted the portrait conf on top of landscape mode, since I found 
it working better for me (more space between letters) in landscape as well.

- Keyboard slide area was made less wide because it blocked some of Zhone buttons.
- I also didn't like the default red color of keyboard so changed the default.
- Made the vibration a bit longer.
- Fixed font path to match Debian's.