Ralf Treinen's Debian Home Page

Activities in the Debian Project

I used to be an Application Manager.

How to reach me

I read my debian.org email only at evenings and weekends when I am at home. In urgent cases you can ususally reach me at my professional email address treinen@pps.jussieu.fr. You may try my professional address also when I am on business travel (attending conferences etc.). However, I don't have my gpg key available when I am not at home.

NMU Policy

NMU's are OK if I am on vacation, and if you feel that you have to do it. The usual rules apply, of course. For all packages concerning ocaml, that is those packages that have ocaml in there Depends or Build-Depends: Please contact the debian-ocaml-maint mailing list. The debian developers there should all be competent to fix my ocaml-related packages.


I always like to meet fellow Debian members. Drop me a line when you come to Paris, France.

If you want to meet me for key signing then please read these instructions.

Ralf Treinen
February 2, 2009