Chroot Install Request Guidelines

(stored here for reference, original announcement is available)

In order to make dealing with install requests easier for us please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Install requests should be directed to (and only there) and the subject should be formed as following:

    Subject: [b-d][$arch|$machine] foobar ($chroot)

    Please start all mails concerning porting chroots with the [b-d] (short for build-depends) tag.

    Either choose [$arch] (eg. hppa) or a specific [$machine] (eg. paer) and tell us which package's build dependencies should be installed.

    If you omit $chroot we will assume you meant sid/unstable.

    So build-deps for on smetana in the lenny chroot would look like this:

    Subject: [b-d][smetana] (lenny)

    This kind of subject tagging will make it easier for us to quickly classify mail in the admin mailbox, allowing us to sort it into heaps that DSA has to handle and into requests that our helpers can most likely deal with.

  2. Please refrain giving us a long list of packages to install if possible. That is, if a simple apt-get build-dep $foo will satisfy your request then all we require is the value of $foo.

    If however the source package isn't yet listed in the chroot's SourcesĀ· file (because it's new or in experimental for instance) that won't be possible. In that case you will have to provide a list of packages for us to install. Please cut it down so that it is copy/pastable to an apt-get install command line, i.e. do not include any foo | bar constructs or version constraints (>= 2.71828).