Debian/m68k FAQ

The Debian/m68k used to be about the XF86Config file. This was in the good old times when slink was current. Slink is no longer supported, so I removed the page, however, I saved a copy of the old files, the old FAQ is here. I no longer update this document, as it has become obsolete with the release of potato.
In potato, installing XFree86 should be no major problem, a proper XF86Config file is generated during the installation, symbolic links for your mouse device will be created, you are advised what to edit, in case your hardware does not support 8-bit modes. All problems solved. If you do not agree, feel free to write up additional information and send it to the debian-68k mailinglist.
If you want to install XFree86 4.0, please read this.
Woody will be/is released with XFree86 4.1.0 or newer. This version _should_ work on m68k, however the configuration has changed, please see the woody page for more info.
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