You sent me an email and I did not answer?

If you sent me an email, and never received an answer, it might have been caught in my spam filters, maybe you should try again, and avoid some of the biggest mistakes you can do in email. I read my mail with mutt, so please do not sent html mail. I do not read mandarin or korean, my russian and japanese are very rusty, please do not use those character sets. latin characters are fine, which is probably the only charset mutt can handle. And if you write latin characters, please don't let your mail client lie for you, claiming it is sending characters I do not read. The new ms virus seems to have very specific subjects, the virus does not work on my systems, so I see no need to download it and waste lots of bandwidth with it. Please do not use a subject which is typical for a virus. Don't add gibberish to a "normal" subject, my spamfilter at home catches that.

This page is maintained by Christian T. Steigies. Sending spam mail to this address will be prosecuted. You sent me an email and I did not answer?
Date: 2003/08/22